Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Preseason Basketball Surprise

I wanted to do something different. We I heard about the Cavs and Pacers preseason game on the radio I knew that was it! Jason's birthday is the 21st, but the game was the 15th. I heard about it only days before. So, I used Stub.Hub to find the tickets. I paid way more than face value, but I wanted good seats! We saw several other sports stars while we were there. Neither of us had ever been to a NBA game before. At 8 weeks old, Griff got to see his first too!
I didn't tell Jason. I kept everything a secret. That morning after he left I quickly got up and showered after he left. I got TT up early so that she would go down for an early nap. I was so excited throughout the day! After getting her up, we headed to the school (his work). He wasn't expecting us! We got there before the bell so we checked in at the office. TT knocked on his door and ran in. He was super surprised! She went in yellying "DADDY!" She gave him the biggest hug ever! I handed her the tickets to give to him. We was excited when we noticed what they were. He asked who was going (since he didn't know where the kids were going, the plans, etc...). I had brought a change of clothing for him. He went to change while I watched his students, we got Chloe off of the bus (she was also happy to all of us), moved the car seats to my sister's car and headed out. Chloe and TT stayed with her and their cousins. Jason, Griff and I ate at Olive Garden before the big game! What a fun night!



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