Monday, March 3, 2014

August Miracle Update

Just like last time, I am so hesitant to post much. I am afraid I am going to jinx things. I know, laugh out loud. Right?

It's so hard.

Things are going well. We are half way through one of the 4 week waits (the time between monthly appointments).

Today, we are 14w3d by my LMP, but 14w5 by most ultrasounds.

We didn't heard anything after my 1st OB appointment about my Pap and nothing after my 2nd OB appointment about NT results.... so, no news is good news. I will confirm our risk numbers at our 16 week appointment which is March 17th.

We are trying to decide if we would like to schedule an elective early gender determination scan at a local pregnancy spa. If so, we could do so as of March 13th. If not, we will find out gender around April 17th.

Early on:
bleeding, more boogers/bloody, sneezing, bloating, loved water, insomnia

Few weeks in:
bleeding, more boogers/blooding, sneezing, extreme bloating (started wearing belly bands and then maternity clothing around 8/9 weeks), mild nausea, some throwing up (not needed zofran as much as last time), insomnia, sciatica pain

no regular bleeding since a little after 8 weeks, one epsiode around 13 (believe from other cause), nausea (getting worse), have good and bad days/times of day, more and more zofran needed, need food constantly, water sounds terrible, headaches, currently have a cold also, sciatica pain


Life Happens said... [Reply to comment]

The time in between appts are the hardest!!


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