Thursday, January 23, 2014

August Miracle

11.21.13 - CD 1
11.23.13 - CD 3 (start Femara)
11.27.13 - CD 7 (end Femara)
12.3.13 - CD 13 (U/S for follicle check) 

     Had one large follicle on my good side (I actually thought it may have been TOO large)
12.3.13 - Trigger CD 13 (9:45pm)
12.5.13 - IUI CD 15 (11:30am)

     DH had good counts
12.6.13 - Prometrium CD 16
12.16.13 - Home Pregnancy Test (+)

     We were getting anxious. I didn't really have a positive outlook especially since I thought the follicle was too large when we triggered. Had no plans to test at home. On a whim, I did. DH wanted to be the one that looked at the test first. I took the test, came down stairs and few minutes later he went up. He came back down quickly. He told me something like "you're pregnant." I admit it, I let out of few dirty wordys in disbelief. Right then, the stress set in.

12.17.13 - Beta HCG 232 (12 dpo)
     Headed to the closest lab before work. Received the confirmation call that afternoon and told DH (we work at the same school) as soon as I could. Given instructions to continue medications, when to get blood drawn, etc....
12.19.13 - Beta HCG 700, P4 35 (14 dpo)
     Headed to the closest lab before work. Received the confirmation call that afternoon and told DH (we work at the same school) as soon as I could.
12.25.13 - Minor Spotting
     Christmas morning I started spotting with the first wipe of my morning restroom break. Christmas was amazing, but it was so difficult to get through with the spotting in the back of my mind.
12.26.13 - Called RE
     They asked how much, when, still happening, etc.... Told me to rest and come in the next day for U/S #1.
12.27.13 - Emergency Scan at RE (Saw gestational sac, yolk sac and start of fetal pole) (5w1d (not measured))

12.29.13 - Bleeding off and on all day
    Heavier bleeding after it had slowed down (practically stopped at some points). Red in color and some blood clots.
12.30.13 - Called RE & Emergency Scan at RE (Saw gestational sac, yolk sac, fetal pole and heart
beat!)(5w4d, measured 5w5d) P4 17 and TSH 2.26 (or about)

     Decided to tell my sister and DH's parents since I was planning to take the next few days off of work. (Then, I didn't have to since we had snow days.)
1.3.14 - U/S #3 at RE (Saw gestational sac, yolk sac, fetal pole and heartbeat) (Heard heartbeat at 120bpm!) (6w1d, measured 6w4d)

1.17.14 - U/S #4 at RE (Heard heartbeat at 170bpm!) (8w1d, measured 8w3d) (Graduate to OB)

1.20.14 - 1st OB Appointment (Routine check, background information, U/S #4, Pap Smear) (Heard heartbeat at 175bpm!) (8w4d, measured 9w0d) 
     Abdominal U/S 

2.17.14 - 2nd OB Appointment/NT Scan

How am I? Well, it depends. I am happy. I am scared. I am paranoid. I am stressed. I am worried. This pregnancy is unlike my pregnancy with Teegan. I know, each pregnancy is going to be different. I told myself and my DH that when we got pregnant, I was going to enjoy it. Last time, I was SUPER STRESSED the entire time. I want to enjoy this so much. However, the how bleed issue is really putting a damper on that. I spot. It stops. I spot. It stops. Before my last appointment with our RE I hadn't spotted in about 3 days. Then, it starts again. Blah. So, stressful! I have a day or two with hardly any symptoms and then nights like last night remind me that I AM pregnant. I have never been sooooo excited to be sick.

I know it's early. Last night, by my LMP I was 8w6d and by U/S #5 (the one at the OB I was 9w2d), I tried out doppler. I couldn't find the heartbeat. I kept telling myself, that it was too early. DH went to take a shower. I calmed down. He came back downstairs and I asked him for the stuff, I wanted to try again. Within a few minutes, I find the heartbeat! Sweet, sweet, sweet relief! It was around 170-175bpm. 

The midwife gave me a prescription for Zofran. I hadn't filled it yet since the day of the appointment was one of those days where I felt un-pregnant. Last night, I really wish I had it.... although, I am sure I wouldn't have kept it down.

I really hope I feel pregnant tomorrow. It makes me feel better. 

Is it February 17th, yet?


Life Happens said... [Reply to comment]

All that spotting would have me stressed too! But just remember that everything has gone good up to this point and it will continue to go smoothly, despite the spotting. I know it's hard not to stress and worry. I'm 9 wks along and don't even feel pregnant at all! Looks like we will be due around the same time. :)

Hope you can get some rest this weekend.

RELH said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks nothing for about 24hrs here. Knock on wood! By my LMP, EDD is 8.28.14. By U/SS at RE and OB a couple days before (and that's what they wrote down).

France said... [Reply to comment]

Congratulations! Elated for you all! =)

Amber said... [Reply to comment]

My best friend spotted and passed clots for the first 15 weeks with her son and my cousin did the same for the first 20 weeks with her daughter. It freaked them both out but they had perfectly healthy babies. I hope it stops soon though!!!

Faith said... [Reply to comment]

I certainly know that stress! I'm impressed with how early you can find the hb with your doppler! Wow! It wasn't until about 11 weeks that I was able to do that. Try not to worry about if you are enjoying it/not enjoying it, whatever - you are IN it, and that is all that matters:). Congrats again!


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