Tuesday, July 17, 2012

24 Months

July 16, 2012
Chloe turned 2 years old!
She is currently wearing 24m, 2t & 3t clothing and size 5 & 6 shoes.
She wears size 5 diapers. We are just now starting to think about big girl panties.
She is learning more and more words and she is still a great sleeper.
Right now, she is still in her crib, but we are thinking about taking the side off.
Her hair is as curly as ever and it is finally starting to grow!
 It needs cut, but I worry that her curls will disappear!?
She definately has her own personality.
Sometimes, her attitude can get her into trouble :)
She loves books and stuffed animals.
The pool has been her best friend this summer.
She also likes to watch movies in the car (mo matter how short the drive).
Her favorites characters are Rupunzel & Cookie Monster.
She loves anything and everything to do with them.



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